Here is legal notice sent July 24th 2015: To Grant Main and Mike Corrigan.  On the advice of a Queen’s Council Lawyer from Hornby.


In anticipation of potential breach of contract litigation, I would like to serve notice that in my opinion, there are severe design flaws in the new Cable Ferry for Denman Island.  Today’s date is July 24th 2015, which is 42 days before the scheduled in service date for the Baynes Sound Connector.  In my opinion:

1. The hull depth of 2.1 meters is inappropriate.  Grant, Sir, why did the MOTi choose 5.5 meters for the MV Columbia, then you, as signatory to PT 4 endorse something as silly as 2.1 for a saltwater storm zone?

2. With a safety factor of only 2 (once you have down sampled the wind) - Mike, Sir, do you realize the replacement threshold is 5% of broken wires which on 6 by 19 wires is only 7 wires out of the 133?

3. Securing the ship in a storm has not been considered very well.  The lever is only 8.4 meters centreline to the port bow (which will take the force of the predominate SE storm winds).  The ship is 78.5 meters.  The lever has a multiplication factor of 9.3.  The wires have a safety factor of 2.

4. There is no provision to shift the wires longitudinally to freshen the worn areas.

5. The wires are showing dramatic corrosion when exposed to only air.  Saltwater will corrode these wires far faster than your anticipated wire life of 3 years.  Mike, Sir, your team has chosen the wrong wire spec and construction.

6. Grant, Sir, I notice there appears to be no savings, based on an examination of the PT4 contract.  Are you concerned about that, because savings was the justification for this project?

7. Mike, Sir, you sold this project to the citizens of Denman and Hornby Islands as 99.72% reliable, or 0.001% probability of a cancelled sailing (5 sailings per year).  Do you still believe that Sir?

Captain Peter C Kimmerly
Senior Master Gulf Canada Resources (ret’d)
Senior Master Hornby Island Ferry (ret’d)
250 335-0630